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ArtTop10.com was founded by the artist Robert Dunt in 2011 with the ambition to review all the art exhibitions in London. Something like 250 exhibitions take place every month but only a handful of these are reviewed.

The ambition is that by reviewing all the exhibitions the art world can be opened up and anybody and everybody who loves art will have a place where they can say what they feel about art without any criticism for their views.


"ArtTop10 Founder Robert Dunt giving a talk at City & Guilds of London Art School about ArtTop10.com"

In line with this plan of "Giving Art Back to the People" ArtTop10 is now entering a new phase of going out and interacting with the public through exhibitions and competitons such as the current open submission print competition Print Jam 2014 and the show "ArtTop10 Introduces..." that took place earlier this year at the Menier Gallery in London Bridge.

"ArtTop10 Introduces at The Menier Gallery, London Bridge"

ArtTop10 is set up like a social network, so sign up, write a review, comment on a review and be part of it!

ArtTop10's People and Contributors

Robert Dunt - ArtTop10 Founder. Robert studied English Literature at Bristol University before working as a journalist at The Surrey Advertiser. He then studied a Fine Art Painting Course at City & Guilds of London Art School.

Natasha Hall - ArtTop10 Advisor and Contributor. Natasha has been with ArtTop10 from the beginning and has written numerous reviews. She lives in Spain where she has an art studio on a remote hillside and paints extraordinary landscape paintings.

Harrison Drury - Contributor - Harrison has been contributing his excellent reviews to ArtTop10 for well over a year now and works as a journalist.

Dante Holdsworth - Contributor. Dante studied photograhy and is waiting for his big break into the art world. He's written many fine reviews in particular his ones on Derek Jarman.

Julian Holmes - Contributor. Julian takes a keen interest in ArtTop10's Top 10 and has written some very insightful critical reviews - notably one on Carl Andre.